Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Wanna snuggle?"

Dear Cylis,

Yesterday was a day like any other.  You sometimes wake up waaaaaaaay too early and come into our bed for some morning snuggles. But you don't come up solo. Oh no. First we hear your door creak open then the shuffling of your little bare feet on the carpet. Then Wooosh! Chica flies onto our bed, followed by Nana, Baby Nana and sometimes you even bring your own pillow. Then you make the pilgrimage up onto our bed and scurry over to your spot right in between daddy and I. We snuggle until it's time for breakfast and get ready for our days. You get dropped off at school and I head to work.

Our afternoons are just as typical. I pick you up from school ("Cylis, how was your day?" "Good." "What did you do?" "Nuh-sing. I was cranky." That is a normal exchange upon pick up) and we head home to do 1,001 things that didn't get accomplished the day before. It feels like there is no time to get anything done. I'm still trying to get used to that.

Last night was more of the same. Daddy was working late with Grandpa Bill, so it was just you and I. I was pretty stoked that we had leftover chicken in fridge so my cooking only need to be veggies and a side. I popped our fav onion rings in the oven (Alexia Onion Rings, sooooo good!) and went to check to see what you got yourself into. You were in my room throwing Mr. Owl (who weirdly is a "she" according to you) and Baby Nana onto my bed and getting ready to hoist yourself up there. You turned when you heard my feet activate the creaky hallway floorboards and said, "Wanna snuggle?" I surveyed my room quickly. Dirty clothes on the floor, laundry basket full of even more dirty clothes and one full of clean clothes that need to be put away. I knew in every other room there was at least 3 things that needed to be done in each room. But I knew the most important thing that needed to be done was to get our snuggle on.

So I climbed into bed and we snuggled onto my side of the bed and shared my pillow. Chica was laid down on the pillow and covered with Baby Nana. "Chica is sick, so she needs to lay down. That's why she stayed home today," you said. (You've been brining Chica and Baby Nana to school everyday since you started. This week you've been bringing Mr. Owl.) We were just about to snuggle when you realized Mr. Owl didn't have a blanket, so you made the executive decision that Chica and Mr. Owl could share Baby Nana. (Birds of a feather and all that jazz!) Finally the fowls were settled and we could finally get under Nana and get to this snuggling business. We lay there staring at each other, you sucking your thumb. It was quiet for awhile then you told me, "Evan's not fair." and started to tell me about your day at school and all about the unjust Evan. You told me about how you had a rake and a shovel on the playground and how you "by accident" hit Evan (3-4-5 times!") in the head. Eeeeek! My kid is a lunatic. I have to wonder about poor Evan; did he have it coming or was his unfairness due to being a victim of shovel violence? We had a looooong talk about why we shouldn't hit anyone with our hands or gardening tools.

Snuggling seems to be the way to hear about your day. I'm not sure that I want to hear about your vigilante playground justice. We shall see what our next snuggle session will bring.

Love you, boogs!

PS. I just texted daddy to see who your brought to school today. Chica went because Mr. Owl was sick and she had to stay home. Darn avian flu must be going around again.

Monday, October 7, 2013

It's Been A Long Time...

Dear Cylis,

My oh my, it's been a bit since I sat down and wrote to you. Life has been busy for all of us and there is so little time to do it all...this I just realized.

Since the last time I put pen to paper (fingers to keys?) a lot has changed. You have started a new school and are enrolled into their preschool program. What a world of difference this has been for us. You are thriving in this new setting. No more tears at drop off; you happily give me a kiss goodbye with a smile and run off to get right into whatever activity is already is motion.

A cute thing you said to me last week while on the way to school:
You: Mummy I have to go to school to learn so I can get a nice job. But you will be sad.
Me: Why will I be sad?
You: Because I will have to move far far away and you will miss me.
Me: Cylis, you can get a very nice job here in New Hampshire.
You: Nope, I will move far far way away and you will be sad.

For your birthday this year, we opted out of throwing you a birthday party. It's so hard to coordinate a party at a place where it's big enough to have people gather; since our apartment is much too small to host. Instead we took our first family vacation! 3 nights in Glenn, NH; right across the street from Story Land. It was wonderful. You were a little sick and also just a little crabby due to being away from home for the first time. The big surprise was that we got to ride on Thomas the train! And meet Sir Topham Hatt. I took a video that perfectly captures the excitement that was going on inside you. Every time you heard Thomas "toot" you eyes lit up. Definitely worth the aggravation of our "Griswold Family Vacation" rough start (short story: bad car problems and lots of bad luck!). The next day we went to Story Land which was loads of fun. You and I went on tons of rides together and daddy joined when the ride wasn't a spinney one. You even rode your first roller coaster! On our way home from our vacation we stopped at the Kancamagus Highway to play in the water that trickles down from the mountains. Beautiful spot for photos and the water was so clean that I could have stayed there forever. It was pretty special vacation for us and I cannot wait to do it again.

Our most recent family fun was this past weekend. A trip to the magical place that you have only heard about but never had the chance to visit...BOSTON!! I have no idea where your fascination with Boston started with or when, but whenever you heard the city by name, you'd perk up and yell, "BOSTON?!". You did the same thing when your doctor told us you would need to have surgery down at Children's Hospital. We couldn't let your first trip to Boston be to the hospital, so daddy and I surprised you with a fun day trip to Beantown. As far as tourists go, we stuck out like a sore thumb down in the big city. We had no idea what we were doing. It was comical to see that we couldn't even figure out how to purchase a Charlie Ticket. But we managed and found our way to our destination; the New England Aquarium. We ate outside right on the harbor on the most beautiful day of October. We had so much fun looking at all the aquatic life and we even got to pet stingrays! We rode the T (which you loved!) to get around, which was an adventure in itself. We learned NOT to use the elevators because they were obviously port-a-potties in disguise. We went on one and the stench was so bad that you screeched the entire ride, "Ewwwww! Pewwww! This alligator stinks!!" I guess it was a very touristy thing to do, ride the elevator. We resigned to the fact that we would just lug the stroller up the stairs somehow. Little did we know how freaking nice Bostonians were. Not once but twice did we have people help us carry the stroller up/down the stairs. Not only was the gesture nice but the manner in which they offered the help was wicked unexpected. Like, it was expected that they would help because that's what people do: help other people. It was such a refreshing change to what a lot of us encounter on a daily basis. Of course it was noisy and you couldn't help but exclaim, "Mummy, Boston has too many sounds!" Something else cool we saw while "exploring" (ie LOST!) was a small cemetery that they buried Governor's in. You thought it was cool but I'm not sure you knew exactly what it was. It was a great trip and hearing you say, "I can't believe my eyes...I'm in Boston!" was wicked great.

As you can see we have been chugging along, busy as can be and pretty darn happy as can be too.

Love you, Cylis.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Too!)

 Dear Cylis,

They say the best predictor for future behavior is past behavior. So we all pretty much expected their to be a lull in my postings, right?! *Insert embarrassed chuckle here*

Thanksgiving: I worked while you hung out with Daddy. I believe there was a visit to the Paradis house to visit and then you and Daddy went to Grandma's house for lunch. We all met up at Papi and Yaya's house for dinner. Nice and quiet Thanksgiving.

Christmas Eve: We went to Grandpa's house in the morning and exchanged gifts and played. You loved your first present you opened: Tidmouth Shed. No matter how hard we tried to get you to open more presents, you said you were all done and just laid on the floor playing trains. About an hour later we finally got you to open more presents. You also got a remote control Thomas that really steams. You loved that too!

After awhile, we left Grandpa's to go to Grandma's house to exchange presents. Let me tell you, a 2 year old with no nap + the excitement of Christmas does not mix well. After calming you down for a bit, you were ready for action! You tore through the presents and loved them all. Grandma got you lots of much needed clothes and some Thomas toys and books. Your uncles got you Angry Bird pj's and pillow friend and some really neat BluRays. We cleaned up our giant mess and ate some yummy food and hung out with the rest of the family. We celebrated Great-Uncle Jean's birthday and he had you help out blow/spit out his candles. We bid farewell to everyone and headed home with our overstuffed car.

Daddy and I put you straight from the car into your bed. You were one tired little peanut. Daddy and I tried organizing all your presents and ridding the house of every piece of cardboard, twist tie, zip tie and toodly doo. Then we went on to play Santa. I first set up your stocking. This year you asked Santa for: Playdoh, a black toy and a robot sticker. You were adamant on exactly what you wanted. And Santa delivered. Santa got you a Transformer sticker, a plush Darth Vader and a pack of Playdoh. Also in your stocking was Thomas the Tank Engine flatware, goldfish crackers and other little odds and ends. Then Daddy and I moved to the pièce de résistance: your train set! At that point you had a small toddler version of train set with a small oval of fixed track. Santa got you TONS of trains, tracks and bridges. Our vision was to have a motorized train chugging along the tracks as you came out of your room Christmas morning. But in order for this dream to come to fruition...we would have had to buy curved tracks. The boxes of tracks we bought were nothing but straight pieces. We felt like such noobs! Where were we going to get curved tracks at midnight on Christmas Eve night?! Nowhere, that's where. So we set up a giant straight run of tracks with the train and it's carts and tenders chugging on down. Christmas morning was magical and fun and we spent it just the 3 of us. We later went to Yaya and Papi's for dinner and presents and you got MORE Thomas stuff and some curved tracks! YAY!!! It was a great holiday and so far my most favorite Christmas ever.

New Years: We spent it trying to get Daddy's new van home. Van: 1 Us: 0. It was a wasted effort but you and I had fun snuggling in the car while playing with your Innotab2.

And today is Valentine's day. I dressed you in a red shirt and red socks (and me too) and sent you to school so you could enjoy your Valentine's day party and give out your Valentines. I cannot wait to see you and snuggle you after work! You and I have a 4 day weekend come up and we get to spend some of those days hanging out with Braylon!! (Another post about their visit to come soon!)

I love you my sweet little Valentine!

Monday, November 19, 2012

O' Christmas Tree....

Dear Cylis,

This one is going to be short and sweet. I just need to put this down for fear of forgetting.

Daddy and I took you out for a shopping adventure and we visited Home Depot and Lowes. While at the Depot we walked by the Christmas trees quickly and promised we would go back and take a better look them after we went hunt for cheap "Ooops Paint". (We were not successful. All Ooops Paint were in shades of purple. Yuck)  So as promised, we headed over to the Christmas section to gaze at the trees. You walked up to the section and stopped about 7 feet away from the first tree on display. "Mummy, the Chich-mas tree is so beautiful! I gonna close my eyes." And like that, you shut your eyes with a dreamy smile on your lips. It was like the sight of twinkling lights of the Christmas trees were so glorious, it hurt you to look at them. Your Daddy and I erupted in laughter as you swayed back and forth with your eyes shut and smiling. The things that come of your mouth...

I love you to bits!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Truck or Treat!!

Dear Cylis,

We're batting at 1:2 for actually celebrating Halloween on Halloween. But that's New England for you! Hurricane/Cyclone/Tropical Storm/Whatever Sandy put a little damper on our Halloween plans, so we had to do our trick or treating on Sunday. We had loads of fun trick or treating with Baby A and her parents. Check out the highlights below:

*Refused to carry your loot pumpkin.
*Yelled out, "I got a present!" when the first homeowner deposited some treats into your pumpkin.
*Armed with a present in your pumpkin, you decided to carry the pumpkin "by-self"
*When Baby A's dad asked what you were for Halloween, you responded, "Uhhhh, a jacket!". Blame the frigid weather for confusing you that you were actually dressed like Elmo under that puffy jacket.
*Yelling out "truck or treat!" before the people opened the door. One house you told the woman, "Thank you. Have a nice day. I'll see you tomorrow!"
*Being quiet during the walk to the next house; then, when I'd point out that a particular house had a light on, you'd run up the driveway yelling, "Yo, yo, yo, yo, YO!"
*You went up to a group of adults that were standing in the street chatting and told them: "I'm truck or treating!" and was talking them up. You were so darn cute that one of the moms ended up giving you some treats from her son's bag that she was holding!
*The best and funnies thing you did was your Halloween Modus Operandi. You would walk up the stairs to the home (sometimes with some help) and when the person would open the door you'd say "truck or treat!" and lay your pumpkin down at their feet and look up at them. They would bend down to put your candy in the bucket and since the bowl would be at eye level, you'd grapple on to it, to get a better look. We all got a few chuckles out of that. Sometimes you'd snatch an extra candy and sometimes the person would think you were so darling and offer up the extra candy.

It was a great night. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had so much fun trick or treating. We finished off the night by snuggling on the couch and watching The Santa Clause until it was time for bed. Kicking of Christmas as soon as Halloween has ended!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Busy Bees!

Dear Cylis,

We are busy bees! Since your birthday 3 months ago we've been nonstop!

Your birthday was fun and special. I took the day off of work and kept you home from school. We went shopping and out to lunch; just the two of us. Later in the day, Daddy took us out to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. (Looks like it's turning into our birthday tradition!) You were more nervous about all the animals coming to life than you were last year. But when we gave you your birthday present all your fears were forgotten! Chica from the Sprout channel! This chick hasn't left your side! Chica even has her own Na-na that she snuggles under at bedtime.

 For your birthday party, Mother Nature thru us a curvelball and gave us a nice thunderstorm during present opening time. It wouldn't have been too bad if we weren't a park...underneath a bazillion trees! The party that Daddy and I took hours to set up, was dismantled in under 5 minutes by us and all the guests. (Thanks friends and family!)
Wait!! I almost forgot! We ALL got a special surprise at your party! Aunty Mandi surprised us by flying in just for your birthday! Total surprise! During Mandi's visit we went to lunch with family and then went to a local water park. You had so much fun going up and down the slide and landing in the wading pool. Good times, buddy!

So now that you're 2, you are pretty grown up. Well, at least you think you are. You want to do everything "by-self". Mr. Independent. And as a grown up 2 year old, Daddy and I brought you to your first official ticketed concert. I won tickets to see Beatlemania Now from a radio station and we were able to purchase another ticket so that all 3 of us could attend together. It was the best time! Funny moment: when we were in the lobby of the Capitol Center, you asked me, "Is that guy a Beatle?" while pointing to some dude. Too funny! When we shown to our seats, the people that were already sitting near us saw you and thought you would misbehave and be a distraction. They actually moved seats! Little did they know what a great kid you are. You were absolutely mesmerized by all the action on the stage. You were shouting out the names of the songs before your dad and I could even recognize them ourselves. You clapped your hands in time with the music and pounded your palms together at the end of every song. Your little butt stayed parked in your seat until intermission, then you got up and boogied to the canned music playing. The concert started at 8pm and ended at 10pm. And you were on your best behavior the entire time. On our way back to the car you asked if we could watch more Beatles. You just didn't want the party to end!

New words, sentences and other brainy things:

*It's election time so you have learned "Bah-wock Oh-buma" and "Biden Jo-jo."
*Who's the QB for NE Patriots? "Tom Bwady" that's who!
*Ever heard a 2 year old use the word "revolution"? You do.
*You have mastered your colors completely.
*You tell me what's "cha-loo". Took us days to figure that one out. (True)
*You make me play a game called, "Crash". But I haven't figured out the rules because when my car crashes into yours, you put my car in the timeout spot for hitting your car. Hummmpppphhhrrrrr.
*You can put on your jacket "by-self"
*You are obsessed with shunting trucks. Oh, and hauling freight.

Basically, you're awesome. Your parents are awesome. Everything's wicked awesome.

I love you my Cheeky One!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Am I Going to DO; You're Turning TWO!!

Dear Cylis,! You are going to be 2 years old in 2 weeks and 1 day! Nearly 2 years that I have been calling the most brilliant, handsome, funny little boy in the world, my son. Wowsah! We've been planning your party for the last few weeks and I feel like we procrastinated a little; but in reality the weeks have been flying by so fast. It's like time is rushing us to get to your second birthday. I can't wait to see you blow out your candles this year all on your own. We've been practicing for the last 2 months so I know you can do it.

You just got over Hand Foot Mouth Disease this past week and boy did you get it bad! You were one tough cookie though, barely even fussy. Hopefully all your little bumps will be cleared up by your birthday so you can have an itch-free day.

Things You're Doing Now:

*Singing your "ABC's. A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,num-numa, P. Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,eck,Y,Z. Now I know me ABC's, neck time sing wit me!"
*You can count pretty well now. "Wan, two, fwee, fah, fie, shix, seben, eight, nie, ten, another one, twel."
*You know I have another name besides "momma" or "mummy". "Ay-mee!" (Thanks, Baby K for teaching Mr. Cylis that one!)
*You're speaking in longer sentences. The other day you didn't want Daddy to change your diaper; for whatever reason you have anointed me the title of official diaper changer. You told Daddy, "I don't want it Daddy in my room." Translation: "I don't want you in my room Daddy." (By the way, Daddy was sad when you said this. Be nice to Daddy. He's a sensitive guy.)
*You can pull up your pants...well the front anyways. You leave your fanny hanging out, buy hey, maybe that's the cool new look you kids are doing nowadays!
*You say, "I love you". Best. Sentence EVER!

I love you boogs!